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June 21st, 2015

Get A Home Tuition in Puchong Malaysia

Germinato is a provider of home tuition Puchong and Cheras that offers the ideal one-to-one teacher-student ratio. Four students or less can also form a group to study under one tutor. Group study under a Germinato teacher is mutually stimulating. Students can focus on the subject in which they need help most with instead of paying for an entire package of unneeded subjects which they would have to do if they are enrolled in a tuition centre. Students, particulary those at SPM and STPM level, are able to choose to study additional elective subjects that are not offered in their schools. Germinato teachers can prepare these students to sign up for these additional subjects at SPM and STPM.

Germinato teachers provide lessons that are specially paced to the individual student’s competency level in the subject. Our experienced teachers are able to identify and address the student’s areas of weaknesses and select suitable lesson material for intensive training, drill and reinforcement leading to effective and focused learning. Mistakes and misunderstanding of essential concepts are immediately corrected and followed up with clear explanations. Thus, weaker students are helped to strengthen their understanding of the subject matter and better students are brought to a higher level of excellence.


Germinato is also looking for part time tuition. Your name will be added to our database of available tutors offering part time tuition thus immediately raising your visibility level. Parents of potential students will be able to view your professional profile and you will get requests to teach the subjects you are good in. Home tutors are allowed to decide on the fees they want to charge.

If you are looking for home tuition in Malaysia, kindly visit http://www.germinato.com

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